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I could tell you not to read my complaining, but your rebel spirit probably just will then. So instead i'll say... do read it... c'mon... it's good for you....

I always feel like I'm missing out on something...

I can't keep track of things, and I miss opportunities simply because I forget. I think I'm getting dumber... even more forgetful then I already was...

I dont know how someone is supposed to do so much, know so much, see so much, listen to so much, read so much, write so much, work so much.... as we're expected to do.

its not good enough to go to school full time, and work full time... whats the point of school with no goal? and you're too dumb to remember anything you learn anyways... whats the point of working full time for such little money... and theres no future in it...

and even with full time school and work you are expected to do so much more... fuck, finding time to check
livejournal and myspace is hard enough... just reading all of it is tiring, i dont even care enough to update

i feel like i'm wasting my time, and wasting my life... then again i've felt this way for a long time, even when i was doing more

i want to be involved in more things, more clubs, more hobbies... i want to see more performances, go to more galleries... go dancing, go to clubs... get dressed up for something again, i havent done that in so long.... i want to experience more...

i'm sad that my three year involvement with rocky horror is over... cause of the whole dumb ass theater thing and people being big fat jerks...

but i guess it could have never been the same again anyways...

i wish i could keep better connections with people that i know and love... but i was never too good at that..

I know other people are guilty of this too, but i live in constant nostalgia

now i have to decide if i'm actually going to post all my bitchin or just delete it all and go to bed... i think i'm going to actually post my bullshit this time... suckers..

at justin's (and sam and charlie's) house they have these cushions from their old apartment, and written on one of them it says "Brad was here", and then there is an arrow pointing to it that says "Brad is a Fag"... and under that it says "I was here but not as a fagot!"
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