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tara and i are moving out june 30th... but we dont have a place to move into yet... i'm getting a little nervous... one place that looked good ended up being scary when you read the apartment ratings... like people got murdered there.... and another wont let us move in until july... if they have any openings then even... and most places either dont have two bed two bath, or theyre too expensive.... if anyone has any suggestions about tempe apartments... do tell...

i want to do a burlesque dance to beatle's "come together". i probably never will though... so the voodoo betties should.... dooooo iiiiit.....

i was hoping the bettie show was yesterday so i could of went and saw it, cause i miss people... and they're hot... but it was friday and i closed at work.

i had a dream that tara stayed up all night doing whip its with bradley... and i was so mad and jealous of her for getting to hang out with him all night, cause for some reason i knew he was going to die, even though at the time he was sitting right there...

why couldnt he have had a stupid accident and survived... i wish he could have seen how many people will drop everything and rush to his side if they thought he was in trouble... i wish we could of had a bradley get better show, where the money goes to pay for his hospital expenses... and a welcome back show... and we could of done whatever pre-show he wanted... and i could of went to a club with him and worked his oxygen bar thing... like i was supposed to but never did... and i could of seen him fight in sca... again, supposed to, never did... whatever... things suck... i dont know why i cant push it out of my mind this morning... probably cause of the dream...

i keep thinking about how no matter what drug or stunt, or whatever people were talking about, he'd be like, thats pussy shit. you could be talking about snorting a pound of meth while jumping off a cliff, and he'd say it was pussy shit.

i really wish i would of done something sometimes... but what difference would it had made... he made his own choices... any of us could be in an accident and die at anytime... we're so fragile... but you cant live worrying about dying all the time... he sure didnt, and he had more great experiences then i'll probably have in my entire life in the short time he was here...

i have to go to work soon... finally got a raise! 7.50 an hour... watch out everyone.... i'll be miss moneybags soon.

i need to do something fun this summer.... go... anywhere.... i still feel so tense all the time like i'm still in school... i need some fun relax time... i want to go to disneyland....
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